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Search for Ideas

Want help finding ideas for your list? We've got hundreds!

In addition to providing a list of hundreds of ideas you can also view the goals of other MyBucket.com users that choose to share their lists. This creates great opportunities to meet and collaborate with people that share your same goals and interests. This also provides you with the opportunity to help each other accomplish your goals.

Get inspired and have fun!

Track Your Goals

When it comes to achieving goals it is important to document and then frequently review those goals to assess your progress.

No matter what type of goals you set, you should always find a way to track its progress. The benefit of doing this is that you will always know whether you are making progress or not.

When you are reviewing and tracking your goals on a regular basis you will feel encouraged and gain confidence that your goal is reachable. This allows you to adjust your plans sooner rather than later when you detect that your current approach might need adjusting.

Share and Collaborate

One of the most powerful ways to achieve personal goals is the practice of sharing them with people you trust. We provide tools to find and interact with other MyBucket users with similiar goals and interests that have chosen to share their lists.

By sharing your goals it provides you with a feeling of holding yourself accountable to achieve those goals as well as creating opportunity for others to help you.

Celebrate Success!

Once you've completed a goal...CELEBRATE!

Document your story, upload some pictures, and have fun remembering your accomplishment! Not only will this help you review the process that made you succesful, it can provide the opportunity for you to share and help other MyBucket users learn from your experience.